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Poor Twitter for Mac

How bad is Twitter for Mac? So bad that it fails to support numerous featuresintroduced with fanfare by Twitter itself. The new Mute feature, which lets you block out communications from people you don’t want to hear from without blocking them entirely? Not only can you not initiate a mute from Twitter for Mac, but I’ve found that when I mute someone from Twitter’s Web interface, many of their tweets still appear in my timeline.

Jason Snell writing for Macworld

One of the few differentiators between Twitter and other social networks is that it does have desktop apps. But if Twitter can’t support them to include the latest features, or even to work properly, then why continue to support them? These apps represent a huge opportunity for Twitter, if they can get them right.

Twitter removes 140-character limit from Direct Messages

If you’ve checked your Direct Messages today, you may have noticed that something’s missing: the limitation of 140 characters. You can now chat on (and on) in a single Direct Message, and likely still have some characters left over.

Sachin Agarwal writing for Twitter.

Remember that time you needed over 1,000 characters to express yourself in a direct message on Twitter? I sure don’t.

A Ship Full of Former Captains

Twitter added its first woman director, former publishing exec Marjorie Scardino, last year. Other directors include three of its former CEOs (co-founders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, as well as Costolo), a VC (Benchmark’s Peter Fenton) and several experienced operating execs (Peter Currie, Peter Chernin and David Rosenblatt).

Kara Swisher writing for Re/code.

Why Twitter can’t get anything done? Its board of directors has three of former Twitter CEOs.

I’m sure they don’t have any conflicts.

The Unbreakable Rebecca Black

Maybe more than any other 18-year-old alive, Black is all of our anxieties about oversharing online made flesh: the fact that more than 350 million photos are shared to Facebook each day and 300-plus hours of video hit YouTube every minute; the nagging sense that kids born into a world where social networking exists are worse off — when it comes to college applications, job prospects, romantic relationships. For most of us, these fears are as vague as they are persistent, a concern filed somewhere in the back of the brain near jury duty and gum disease. But for Black they’re reality. And, as luck would have it, her overexposure came just moments too soon in the history of the viral video industrial complex to translate into anything resembling a sustainable career. When it comes to making traumatic first impressions on the internet, Black is patient zero.

Reggie Ugwu writing for Buzzfeed

If Rebecca Black can make it through high school after Friday, you too can make it through your troubles.

Oh, Reddit

We didn’t ban them for being racist. We banned them because we have to spend a disproportionate amount of time dealing with them. If we want to improve Reddit, we need more people, but CT’s existence and popularity has also made recruiting here more difficult.

Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit

Don’t worry. All the other racist, sexist and homophobic communities that haven’t caused Reddit trouble yet will still be there for all your toxic waste needs.

If you can’t make friends, buy them

“At some point, it is just simple math that Google grabs it,” said one person close to the situation. “Why they haven’t yet is a mystery.”

Mark Bergen, writing for Recode

Which would fail faster: Twitter in it’s current state, or a Twitter controlled by socially awkward nerds at Google?


“All this fanfare and then we developed something that in the end was quite ordinary.”

In retrospect, multiple employees and analysts say, there were plenty of features and approaches that could have helped Google+ stand out, including a strong focus on mobile and messaging, two areas Facebook had not yet figured out. A suite of standalone apps, rather than a single social destination, might have worked as well. Unfortunately this wasn’t the original proposal. The plan was essentially to out-Facebook Facebook.

Seth Fiegerman, writing for Mashable

For every marketer and SEO strategist evangelizing Google+, there just aren’t the people there. The features are mundane. The SEO benefits are dubious.

And most of all, why would you go somewhere new when all your friends are already somewhere else?